PhD is PhDone…


Handed in my PhD on Friday… What a weight off my shoulders! Sorry for the radio silence too. I’d been buried under the PhD write-up and just didn’t have very many interesting things to post!!! Will have lots of new things coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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Slow Matter Duo at Playground on Fire…


Had the pleasure of playing with Slow Matter Duo (with Lee Riley) yesterday at the Playground on Fire Festival in Oxford. Had a lovely day with some great music, art, crafts and other bits and bobs!

Here’s a recording of the Slow Matter Duo set…

Slow Matter Duo Live at Playground on Fire 14/9/13 :-

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Starship. Complete and unabridged…

Starship (full) :-

Sorry for the gap in posts! I’m currently writing up my PhD, so this next month or two is going to be pretty hectic… To keep you happy, I’m pleased to reveal the full, unabridged version of Starship, an improvised soundscape for bass guitar and electronics. As I may have mentioned a while ago, Starship was inspired by a workshop I took part in earlier this year run by free improv impresario, John Russell. The piece is a sonic journey: an astronaut launched into space, isolated from the world and eventually lost in the void. The piece has 3 parts: LaunchSolitude and Void. It’s a long haul (32 minutes), but I hope you enjoy it, should you make it through! All sounds created live with bass, loop and volume pedals, reverb and a tad of delay. Enjoy!

(image source:

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From the Basement, the Sky is So Blue by Slow Matter Duo

Cover with text

As you may or may not know, I’m currently playing in a duo with Lee Riley called Slow Matter Duo. We’ve released a free EP today entitled ‘From the Basement, the Sky is So Blue’ and it’s available for download here:!

It’s free, so enjoy!

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Slow Matter Duo (session two, part one)

Slow Matter Duo 1

From the Basement the Sky is So Blue (Part One) :-

Happy to say that Lee Riley and myself have been busy with another Slow Matter Duo session this week. Sounds are really coming together now and we’re getting some great results! For your auditory enjoyment, here is my mix of From the Basement the Sky is So Blue Part One by the Slow Matter Duo. Parts two and three to come later this week! Enjoy!

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Graceful Ascent in Aarhus revisited

Aarhus Rehearsal

Graceful Ascent (RAMA Brass with Samuel C. Roberts, recorded at Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark, 6th April 2013) :-

Today I received a recording of Graceful Ascent from my April performance with RAMA Brass in Aarhus. It was a great trip with some lovely people and I’m pleased to be able to share the performance with others! Many thanks again to RAMA Aarhus, the RAMA Brass and Niels-Ole Bo Johansen for making it all happen. Enjoy!

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Kairos :-

Finished recording a piece I’ve been working on for a long time today: Kairos for 5-string bass guitar and electronics. In this piece, the bass part mirrors the thoughts and actions of someone or something during a one day period. Electronic sections reflect and pre-echo the bass (with all treated electronics created from recorded bass guitar material) whilst occasional field recordings place each movement into context and time. Maybe I’ll write a better programme note soon… Either way, enjoy Kairos for bass guitar and electronics!

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